A revival and new projects in the wind.


New TBO lip from Japan fitted.

UPDATE  June 2012: I am rebuilding the old http://customzcar.tripod.com site that is over 10 years old. The Z31 has recently gone through some changes and upgrades with more in store which will be updated over the next few weeks. I am also working on a new project to produce bonnet / hood vents made from aluminum that will be a modern replica of the 280zx vents that appear on the famous “Toshi” machine shown below (black). This car has inspired me to refurbish my Z31 which I have owned for 18 years. I also have a pretty trick R34 which will also be showcased on this site.

Toshi, Z31, 200zr, hood vent, bonnet vent, aluminium

Lets face it the Z31 unmodified is now starting to look extremely dated. I do appreciate a bog standard model for the sake of preserving the brand, but with a few minor mods the Z31 can be updated into a very nice looking car. Even the pre 1987 models can look awesome with the right body kits as seen in the red car above. Hopefully this site will encourage other Z31 owners to show the world what these cars are capable of. I will be presenting some of the best Z cars I have found on the web and look into some of the mods as well as covering what I think is necessary to make the longer 2+2 version a head turner.

Older image from about 2001

A “photoshopped” example of the end plan

End result is better than expectations…

The front lip gives the appearance of the lowered front end I am looking for. Further lowering may not be required 🙂

Most of the Car is in refurbished standard form will all original parts.

Mods include:

Cool air box mod

Turbosmart Boost controller (10 PSI on 98% octane)

Custom muffler/Catalytic converter

9:1 cast pistons

ECU override (no sequential injector pattern)

Kings front and rear springs (30mm lower)

Koni adjustable shocks

Kmac front camber kit

Japanese “Riverside” Giugiaro Design 3 piece wheels (discontinued). 17×9 (255) 17×8 (235)

32mm hubcentric wheel spacers

Front grille mod (custom)

Bonnet vent mod (custom)

Solid aluminum head light covers (custom)

Removal of front Nissan emblem

Planned Mods:

Bride or Sparco seats

By customzcar