JDMST Meet August 2012


JDMST August 2012. Cops getting ready to defect

The monthly JDMST was off to an awesome start with a new venue at a multi story carpark with many hundreds of cars filing in. I was there early and got a good position near the top to watch the incoming cars who were mostly very well behaved (did notice a commodore getting sideways). The meet was building into a huge affair but downstairs actions were building to bring it down in a heartbeat.

The cops who look to be informed of the meet prior were nervously waiting on the side lines with their defect kits, a move that is highly provocative and not necessary. Why they would do this is questionable but could only be seen as a hard handed method of displaying some sort of authority which was not required. Soon they began to pull over cars then unfortunately some idiot high up in the car park launched a bottle towards a parked cop car in the adjacent alley and all hell broke loose. Within minutes the one way entry street was totally blocked off and what resembled a riot squad was quickly moved in. The venue was quickly cleared and any future prospect of another meet here seems unlikely.

A better way needs to be worked out to cover the growing interest in these types of events.

By customzcar

Hardtuned Meet Aug 2012

A good turnout at a new venue as the old site is now fenced off. Crowd behavior was excellent but the event was marred by an onslaught of police presence and intimidation that frankly was not necessary. Hopefully next month a new venue can be arranged that is more accommodating.

My r34

By customzcar

Sweet Red Zenki

This Japanese version of the earlier Z31 is a treat. Lots of body mods which include a molded in front lower bumper cut and trimmed to suit overall bumper, Kouki front and rear guards and a great set of wheels. Interesting to see how the car evolved and the difference a set of wheels can make.

By customzcar

Online Vent Shop

A new project.

nissan 280zx style hood vent

1 Pair of solid aluminum (2.5mm thick) hood/bonnet vents in raw aluminum finish ready for finishing and installation (give your paint code to your local auto aftermarket retailer who can usually provide a spray can).

Vent tops can be glued to hood or optionally drilled and fixed with screws/bolts. Vents are supplied raw for custom
customer installation. Paint finish and under grille is NOT included.

Each vent is laser cut from high quality aluminum and may require some minor finishing by customer at their discretion.

Dimensions are 209mm (8.25 in) x 148mm (5.75 in) as per attached image.

An initial run of 24 pairs has been produced with future runs dependent on sales. The pics are from the sellers car which has received glowing comments.

Many think the finished vents are originally fitted OEM type products. Inspiration was taken from the Nissan 280zx hood vents but the sizing has been scaled down. To achieve the same look as pictured the hood will require cutting and an aftermarket mesh under grille will need to be purchased and installed.

Cutting and fitting instructions can be found HERE.

By customzcar