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A new project.

nissan 280zx style hood vent

1 Pair of solid aluminum (2.5mm thick) hood/bonnet vents in raw aluminum finish ready for finishing and installation (give your paint code to your local auto aftermarket retailer who can usually provide a spray can).

Vent tops can be glued to hood or optionally drilled and fixed with screws/bolts. Vents are supplied raw for custom
customer installation. Paint finish and under grille is NOT included.

Each vent is laser cut from high quality aluminum and may require some minor finishing by customer at their discretion.

Dimensions are 209mm (8.25 in) x 148mm (5.75 in) as per attached image.

An initial run of 24 pairs has been produced with future runs dependent on sales. The pics are from the sellers car which has received glowing comments.

Many think the finished vents are originally fitted OEM type products. Inspiration was taken from the Nissan 280zx hood vents but the sizing has been scaled down. To achieve the same look as pictured the hood will require cutting and an aftermarket mesh under grille will need to be purchased and installed.

Cutting and fitting instructions can be found HERE.

By customzcar

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